Cat Batik Mini Gift Card from Nepal

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They took the time to pick the perfect gift, make sure the card is something to behold as well! Made using the batik process, each mini card is done by hand giving your gift the perfect finishing touch. These little note cards are great to put next to the register for impulse buying. They're also the perfect size if you include hand written notes in your ecommerce shipments. 

In Nepal, those afflicted with leprosy, as well as their families, are ostracized and regarded as unclean. Little known to many, leprosy is curable if treated with antibiotics. Any resulting nerve damage in the fingers remains, but the disease is gone. The stigma remains, however, so they have little hope of earning an income. These families are now making cards using the batik process, a time consuming artistry which requires multiple steps of dying and waxing on cotton fabric. The artisans are paid fair wages and have access to medical benefits and educational opportunities they would otherwise not have access to. 

  • Made by hand in Nepal
  • Batik art on cotton and hand made paper
  • One mini gift card with non-sealing envelope
  • Card measures approximately 2-1/2" wide x 3-1/4" tall
  • Each card individually wrapped
  • Due to hand drawn process of batik, each card will have slight variations
  • **WFTO member**

Made by hand is uniquely beautiful. Our products are made by humans, not mass produced on automated machines. Minor imperfections and variations are to be expected as a characteristic of the artistry. Please appreciate these individualities for what they are, a maker pouring their heart and soul into a unique and beautiful piece of work for you.

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