Tan Wheatstraw Card from Bangladesh

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A truly remarkable card that's pretty enough to frame! Using wheatstraw to create beauiful art, they're unique as well as exquisite. Featuring a blank inside, it gives the sender a fresh slate to give a note of encouragement, a holiday greeting, or a brief letter.

SHOVA Handicrafts is run by Bihari refugees, an ethnic group of Urdu speakers. The Bihari have been persecuted for years, following their pro-Pakistan stance during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. Many live in poverty in refugee camps and most face continual discrimination. One of the smaller groups, these 10 ladies are especially skilled in the art of wheatstraw. After the wheat grains are harvested, the remaining stalk is called wheatstraw. The women first draw the detailed designs on the paper. Then they punch the figures out of the wheat straw and carefully paste them on the paper with glue. The straw being somewhat fragile, this takes patience and great care. 
  • Made by hand in Bangladesh
  • Wheatstraw note card 
  • One card and envelope
  • Measures 4-3/8" wide x 5-7/8" tall
  • Design on front
  • Blank inside
  • Each card is wrapped individually in plastic wrapper
  • One foil sticker per card included for envelope closure
  • *WFTO Member*

Made by hand is uniquely beautiful. Our products are made by humans, not mass produced on automated machines. Minor imperfections and variations are to be expected as a characteristic of the artistry. Please appreciate these individualities for what they are, a maker pouring their heart and soul into a unique and beautiful piece of work for you.

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